About Us


About Us

With nearly three decades of combined experience as financial and accounting professionals at the highest levels of business and finance, the Argent team knows all too well the obstacles that keep individuals and businesses from reaching their financial goals. Our personable team-members provide personalized financial strategic planning to individuals and businesses who might have thought they couldn’t afford it. We think you shouldn’t have to suffer lost opportunities, no matter your accounting budget.

Every one of us at Argent spent years entrenched in the accounting industry, appalled at how the one-size-fits-all approach and cookie-cutter financial “products” generated, at best, mediocre results for clients. Most clients didn’t even know how mediocre their results actually were, because gate-keeping jargon and small-print fee structures kept them from taking charge of their own financial destiny.

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So we started Argent so that no one would have to suffer from that kind of disappointment and confusion again. We use real data and experience, not just models and wishful thinking, to deliver actionable strategies that will maximize your financial growth and profitability, all while managing your tax liability.

We think you shouldn’t need to have already made money to afford the kinds of financial consultation that can actually make you money. Our approach to finance and accounting consistently outperforms the out-dated and inflexible approaches of our competitors. You can lose money saving money paying less to people who expect the same payment no matter the results. Or you can net money with financial partners who won’t make money unless you do. We think the choice is clear. Let us show you how.

Why the name Argent?

“Argent” is from the Latin argentum, which means “silver.” In Roman times, an argent was a silver coin, and the word still refers to the color silver in heraldry. We chose this name, aside from its having a good strong sound to it, because we offer no counterfeit or specious value to our clients—only real gains on real money. And though “argent” may refer to silver coinage, we think you’ll agree that our services set the gold standard.