Tax Services


Tax Services

Our view on taxes is that they are the single largest expense of any budget, and since we’re dedicated to maximizing your money-making potential, one of the first things we’re going to do is attempt to use any and all legal means to reduce the amount you or your business pays in taxes. Do we feel bad about this? No. No, we do not.

We know the tax codes far better than anyone has any business knowing them outside the offices of the IRS, and unlike some accountants (who almost seem to be employed there), we want to use our knowledge to pull every lever we can to reduce your taxes, legally. Many people are, in tax terms, driving 35mph in a 55mph and they don’t even know it. They could be accelerating their business or personal financial goals quite a bit and still be well within the legal boundaries. You select your pace, restrained or more aggressive, and we’ll dial in the strategy to make it happen.

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Personal Taxes

If you need an accountant to review and file your taxes, and that’s simply all you need, Argent can make that happen. And who knows? We might both be surprised at how much money we find for you once we look into your tax liability.

It is true that, for personal taxes, there aren’t as many options to pursue to save you more money, especially if you’re a 9-5 employee already dealing with tax withholding on a paycheck-to-paycheck basis. So, you might not save much more with Argent than you would filing with that online service that rhymes with BurboBrax. But you never know what a high-powered financial strategist might be able to do for you until you call on one. It might be we find other options (for example, incorporating your freelance work into a business and taking advantage of all those business deductions!), or perhaps we might interest you in a personal investment plan that ends up meaning more money down the road. Why make out a check to Uncle Sam that you could write instead to your future self?

Business Taxes

Whether you are a small business or a large one, we have the knowledge to greatly reduce your single biggest yearly expense: taxes. And once you’ve saved that money and added it to your profits for this year, we know how to manage your tax liability so that you keep that extra money even as you grow.

If you think personal taxes are complicated, they don’t have anything on corporate taxes. Let us navigate that thick book of regulations and loopholes for you. Businesses have far more numerous options for reducing their taxes than individuals do, and many businesses simply aren’t leveraging all those options. That does not have to be you.