Free eBook: Piloting Your Retirement

Argent Capital CEO Trevor Vernon’s first book, Piloting Your Retirement: First Class or Coach?, approaches retirement planning from the unique perspective of actual airline pilots. Trevor interviewed a dozen aviation professionals to glean wisdom and strategies that you may be surprised to learn apply to basically anyone currently looking to take control of their financial future.

You may think, “I’m not an airline pilot! What does this book have to do with me?” Trevor chose to interview airline pilots for this book on retirement because their struggles closely mirror the struggles of nearly all business professionals and wage earners. You can learn a lot from their problems and solutions on how to pilot your own retirement.

And take comfort! If even these airline pilots—with years of specialized training, who are counted on in high-risk situations in high-trust positions, and who have generally secure and reliable employment—have the same basic problems you have in financial planning, you don’t need to feel at all ignorant or helpless in your current circumstances. It’s okay to need and to get financial help. It’s available.

Each chapter in Piloting Your Retirement begins with an interview between Trevor and an airline pilot and finishes with Trevor’s actionable financial takeaways based on the preceding interview. The concluding chapter draws it all together for anyone looking to plan retirement. Read the interviews for their interest, and read the takeaways for their assistance.

If you’re wondering what to do about retirement, you won’t regret taking the time to read this free book, a gift to you from all of us at Argent Capital. And if you want the same expertise that even airline pilots can rely on, contact Argent Capital today and ensure that your financial future really… takes off!